Please call the receptionist at the front desk (please do not call the medical assistants regarding scheduling). If there is no answer, leave one voicemail. Multiple voicemails on multiple phones will slow down our effectiveness in making you an appointment.

After Hours

If you call our office after hours, you will reach Registered Nurses On Call. RNOC is staffed by registered nurses. If a problem comes up before 8:30 am or after 5 pm, they are there to help and answer any questions. Any interaction with RNOC is forwarded to our office.


If you wish to receive antibiotics for any symptoms you have, you will have to have an appointment. We do not prescribe antibiotics without an appointment because many times antibiotics are not needed. The more antibiotics are used, the more the body becomes resistant to them and will not react to them when antibiotics are needed.


Bills are sent out once a month. Call the billing extension at 266-5244 ext 115 with any questions. If there is a note on your bill to call your insurance, call your plan regarding the date of service on the bill and then call the billing extension at the office. Over-communication is better than under-communication in this area.

Cash Pay Visits

If you do not have insurance that we are contracted with or no insurance at all, we give a 30% discount on appointments paid on the day of service. There will be an $80 charge for any visit before being seen, as any visit, even with a discount, will incur a charge of at least $80. If the rest of the charges are not paid that day, the remaining charges, without the discount, will be due in 30 days.

Cell Phones

We do not ask that you stay off your phone, simply that if you need to talk on your phone, please be respectful of the other patients and keep the conversation low or walk into the hallway.


After an account has been unpaid on for more than 60 days, the account is sent to pre-collection and then finally to a collection agency. Once the account is in collections, we are unfortunately unable to see or treat anyone in your family. Even if the balance is paid to the collection agency, that does not change the collection status in our system and we will still be unable to provide medical care.


It is the patient’s responsibility to know what their co-pay is for their visits. Co-pays are to be paid at time of service.


Demandforce is a program that is primarily utilized for appointment reminders, emailing information and receiving feedback from patients. Via email: you may receive appointment reminders, a request for a survey and review after your visit or a newsletter with information. Via text: you may receive reminder texts for your visits, including one 2 hours ahead of any appointment times. If you are currently not receiving texts or emails and you would like to, please call the office and request to get set up. If you are receiving texts or emails and wish them to stop, the texts and emails should inform you how to stop it; or you can call the office and request them to stop.

Diaper Changes

In the event of a child needing a diaper change, out of courtesy for the other patients, we ask you to change the diaper in our bathroom. However, the diaper may not be disposed of in our office. We will supply a Ziploc bag, if needed, for you to take the diaper out of the office.


We do not suggest using e-mail to contact us, even though we do have it. It is not secure and is not a reliable form of communication as there will be lapses in it getting checked. It is more reliable to simply call and, if need be, leave a voicemail. If email is the best form of communication for you, simply be aware that it is not secure or the most efficient form of communication for our office.

Fire Drill/ Alarm

In the case of a fire drill, we will alert the patients to the fact that there will be a fire drill. However, whether it is a drill or a real alarm, we will do the following: the receptionist or MA will direct you toward the office back door. There is a small grassy area with picnic benches right behind our office. We will stay in this area until otherwise told it is safe or until the alarm stops.


Always call your insurance to verify that any immunizations will be covered under your insurance plan. We are unfortunately unable to give immunizations to any Medicaid patients.

Labs and lab results

When getting labs done give two weeks for us to receive the completed results. We can draw labs in our office; however there will be co-pay or co-insurance and this only applies for orders made by our office. We do not do lab draws other providers have written. We offer it as a convenience for our patients, but you can always go directly to the lab your insurance requires. If, after two weeks, you have not received a letter, call the office. If lab results are at a critical level, you will receive a phone call from our office.

Missed appointments

We realize life is not controllable. However, our office policy is that when an appointment is missed, we will send a letter with a reminder of our missed appointment policy. After that, we will be charging a $25 missed appointment fee that must be paid before your next appointment.


An appointment within the first week is suggested. For the first 30 days, the newborn is covered under the mother’s plan. However, the parents then must call the insurance company to enroll the newborn as a beneficiary or else they will not have insurance coverage. This information needs to be given to the office for efficiency in billing as soon as possible.

New Patient Appointments

Call your insurance to see if we are contracted with your specific plan. For urgent requests, we attempt to have a new patient appointment available within 24 hours of a request. However, the appointments available are dependent on each provider. When an appointment is made, please be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork, bring your insurance card, form of ID and co-pay if applicable. Not arriving early enough means your appointment may be rescheduled or shortened to allow you time to fill out the paperwork, as we need the paperwork before the appointment time.


Please make sure to bring any paperwork with you to your appointment or make an appointment for the paperwork to be filled out.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Checks and Cash.

*if a check comes back as insufficient, there will be an insufficient fund charge on your account and check writing privileges with our office will be terminated.

Phone Calls With Providers

If you are wishing to speak to a provider directly, you will be directed to leave a message with a Medical Assistant. There is no guarantee the provider will be the one to call you back; instead, it may be a message relayed from the provider through an MA. Due to the providers’ busy schedules, if they do attempt to call you personally, there is no set time when they will call. If they miss you and have to leave a voicemail, “phone tag” can occur. Therefore, it is generally easier and more efficient to direct any questions through an MA.


Always call your pharmacy first, even if there are not any refills on the prescription bottle label. Your pharmacy will contact us and we will either fill the prescription or call you if additional information or an appointment is needed. If there is an outstanding balance, prescriptions will be unable to be refilled.

Preventative Exams

“well exam”, “annual exam”, “preventative exam”, “yearly checkup”. These are terms used to describe the visit that most insurance companies cover at 100%, no co-pay or deductible. However, the term we use is “preventative exam” because that is all that is truly covered- only preventative medicine. That means no discussing any ongoing or known issues during the visit. If ongoing issues are discussed, then a co-pay will be taken for the visit. This can be a confusing realization as this used to not be the definition of these exams. People tend to think this visit means to do a once a year check on every diagnosis and ongoing issue.

Example: when you go to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning, you are paying for the checkup. If a cavity is found, another appointment is made to take care of it. It is not included in the checkup/ “preventative exam”.

Provider Timeliness

Our providers put the health and care of their patients ahead of their schedules. Therefore, there will be times when the provider is running behind their planned schedule. However, they spend the time with each patient that each individual patient needs. Sometimes urgent situations occur which take extra time of the providers to manage the needs of the patient. If the wait time becomes too lengthy, please let us know and the office staff will try to accommodate by either offering an appointment with another provider or rescheduling.


When you are being referred to a specialist/ another provider for any reason, the provider will give the referral to one of the Medical Assistants. The MA will then either send any required information to that office or will start the process of an authorization. Allow 72 hrs to process the referral before calling for any updates. Generally, the office you are being referred to will contact you to set up the appointment with their office. If you are supposed to contact the office you are being referred to, we will inform you of that.

Reminder calls

As a courtesy to our patients, we attempt to make reminder calls 1 day in advance of your appointment. However, it is still the patient’s responsibility to make sure that they we have up to date contact information and, ultimately, to make it to their appointment on time. (some patients will not receive phone calls if they confirm their visit through the automated system, Demandforce)

School/ Sport Physicals

When scheduling physicals for school or sports, please be sure to bring any paperwork that might need to be filled out. If the paperwork is forgotten and has to be dropped off, we cannot guarantee when it will be filled out and completed.

Skin lesion removal

Prior to having an in office lesion removal or biopsy, there will need to be an appointment for evaluation of the lesion. This pre-eval is to determine if this is a procedure we are able to do in our office or if we need to refer you elsewhere.


Being tardy for an appointment may result in a longer wait time, as we might work you in between other patients, or having to be rescheduled to your requested provider’s next available appointment. Being tardy means you arrive at the office 5 or more minutes late than your scheduled appointment time.

Updating Information

If you are updating information, such as insurance, address, phone number, with our office, you need to specify whose chart’s need to be updated. If you simply state that your address has updated and do not clarify that it is for everyone on your account, it will be changed only in your chart.

Urgent Care/ Emergency Room

As much as we try to see all our patients when they need to be seen, sometimes it is necessary for you to go to an urgent care or emergency room. If this occurs, please be sure to tell them to forward any records of your visit to our office.


The procedures performed at The Family Practice by Dr. Vogt include vasectomies. If you are interested, call your insurance to verify if it is covered or any out of pocket costs. A consult must be first scheduled for an evaluation with Dr. Vogt. After your consult, you will be able to schedule the procedure for a following date. They are never same day. Be aware when scheduling the procedure that you will need to take at least 3 days off of work to recuperate. Cash pay patients- call the office for a range of prices.

Waiting Room Conduct

Out of respect and comfort for other patients, we ask that if you bring your children, please keep an eye on them. In the waiting room, children are still under the parent’s responsibility and we are not liable for any accidents. We also ask that any food and drink be kept in the waiting room area and not carried into the back office/ exam rooms. If needed, simply ask the receptionist to hold onto the food or drink at the front desk.


We do not suggest trying to walk-in for an appointment as most days we do not have the capacity to see scheduled patients as well as walk-ins. While we do allow patients to walk-in and try to get an appointment, our office is not set up like an urgent care and therefore any patients with already established appointments will take priority. We will try to see you as soon as possible, but sometimes that will mean waiting or scheduling you for the following day. We always suggest calling ahead to see if we have an open appointment.