Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is contracted with many insurances; however, it is easier if you, as the patient, call your specific plan and make sure we are in network with it. Some of the larger, commercial insurances that we are contracted with have subplans that we have found out that we are not contracted with. Therefore, it is best that you always check as any bill that comes back due to not being in network will be patient responsibility.

No, we do not prescribe antibiotics without seeing the patient as, many times, they are not truly needed.

We attempt to have new patient appointments open within 24 hours of a call; however, sometimes the appointment will be the following day or sometimes they are booked out farther dependent on provider availability. Each provider has a different timeline for new patient appointments; so while we have appointments, it might not be with the provider you originally requested.

Call your pharmacy even if there are no refills. They will contact us regarding getting a refill. Try to keep track of your prescriptions and giving us 48 hours to refill.

Our office does have a 5 minute late policy, which means that if you exceed a 5 minute time window (your appointment is at 2:30 and you arrive at 2:40), we will have to reschedule you or have you wait to be seen.

It generally takes 2 weeks to get any results to a patient. This includes x-rays and labs. If there are any critical results, our office will contact you with a phone call; otherwise, they will come in a letter.

A referral should take 2 weeks to get processed. If you have not heard from the office we are referring you to by 2 weeks, call the office and request to speak with a Medical Assistant.

Your pharmacy will fax us a prior authorization for the medication and we will have to work on getting it covered by your insurance. This process can take a couple of days or up to a couple of weeks.

The providers rarely have the ability to take a phone call; the front desk will transfer you to a Medical Assistant to leave a message for the provider. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get a message/ question to a provider.

Most of our voicemail messages request giving us up to 48 hours to return your call. Please do not continue to call and leave multiple messages. If you have not heard back from someone in 48 hours, please call back then.

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