Want to get in touch with us?

Preferred Method

If you are signed up with our Patient Portal, sending messages through the portal is the preferred way (and generally quickest) to send information and requests to the practice. Using the portal eliminates “phone tag” and miscommunication during phone calls.


When calling on the phone, please leave only one message. Multiple messages on multiple lines will slow down us being able to respond efficiently. Also, most extensions at the office state they will respond within 24 to 48 hours; please be patient in waiting for a callback.


Do no use for PHI (protected health information)

Our email is not secure and therefore, we request that you do not use it to pass on any medical or personal information. Anyone who chooses to continue to use email for communication after we have informed them will be liable if, for any reason, their information is compromised.


When walking in to drop off paperwork or ask any questions, please be aware that patients with scheduled appointments will take precedence. Also, if we are not made aware that you will be coming in, it may take longer in getting your situation taken care of.