Billing Information

Any co-pay or outstanding balance is due at time of service.

As a service to our patients, we bill your insurance company for your visits. They will then send us an explanation of benefits (EOB) to inform us what they will or will not pay and what patient responsibility is.

Any balance that is not covered by your insurance is automatically patient responsibility.

Payment to our office can be made in a variety of ways: payment through the mail, credit / debit / HSA card over the phone or dropping payment off at our office.

Online Bill Pay

To pay a bill online, click to our secure online payment page.


You are welcome to mail in a check or cash to pay towards your bill- 6005 Delmonico Dr #150, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Over the phone

Please call the billing extension (x115) at the office to give a credit/ debit card number over the phone.

In Person

Our office is open from 8 to 5, closed from 12 to 1 for lunch, and patients are always welcome to come by and pay balances in person.


When an account has not been paid on in over 60 days, it is in danger of being sent to our collection agency. Once an account has been sent to collections, that account (and all patients on it) are inactive. Even if payment has been made to the collection agency on the balance, the account will be inactive and we will be unable to prescribe medications or provide any medical treatment.

To avoid collections, we suggest setting up a payment plan where a specified amount is deducted from a card you give us every 30 days. This guarantees payment on your account every month, even if it is a small amount.