Patient Portal

If you have signed up for our patient portal, click the button to reach the login page.

To sign up for our portal, please contact our office.

If you have not signed up for the portal you will not be able to access your records.

Logging into the Portal

Whether you get to the portal through our website or a direct link, the login page looks the same. Everyone, regardless of if you’ve used the portal before or not, will sign in using the username/ password boxes. However, if you’ve never been setup on the portal, you must either call into the practice or sign up during a visit. During the sign up process, you will be given a username, password and have a security question and answer set up.

If you choose the “click here” on the “Are you a new patient? Click here to register” sentence, it will create you a completely new and empty record in our system, with no medical information in it. Please do not choose that option. You must be setup by an office employee to be able to access your current medical record.

Viewing Results in the Portal

You can view imaging, labs, pathology, consults, result letters and more in your patient portal. Simply choose the corresponding tab once you are logged in. Under “title” there should be names of reports and once you find the result you are needing, click the blue link in the “title” column. This should open up another window which may have another blue link in it, exactly the same as you just clicked on. Click the link again in the new window and the results should download. Since we have an electronic medical record, outside results and information have to be scanned into your chart, which is why documents show up as links.

Reading and Writing Messages

Please remember that the portal is not for emergent issues.

When logged into the portal, the top menu option on the left side of the screen is “messaging.” The main options you would use would be “inbox” and “new message”. If you’ve received an alert that something is waiting for you on the portal, check your “inbox” for any messages. Simply choose “inbox” and a list of messages will appear. Click the blue link in the “subject” column to open the message. To send a message, click “new message” and a new window should pop up. In the new window, there is a “To…” button, click on it and choose the medical assistant of the provider you normally see (make sure to double click the initials to add it to the message). There are also options for the front desk employees if needed. Then simply type out your message and click send at the bottom left of the window. The window should disappear and your message will be sent.

Resetting Your Password

If you are unable to sign in due to a wrong or forgotten password, click the option that says “If you are a patient and have lost your password, Click Here.” When you are prompted, enter your username and then choose “find.” The next screen should populate with your security question that was setup when you signed up for the portal; fill in the appropriate answer (case-sensitive). You will then receive an email with a temporary password.